Build Your Own Music Show
Almost five hours of content to choose from!

Clark Planetarium introduces the ability to create your own entertainment show. You have the creative control! Choose your own duration. Play it as a full length show. Or let the audience choose the songs.

Choose video clips from any of our entertainment fulldome libraries. You combine the clips with your own audio to customize a show that works for your local audiences. Use whatever style of music you want.

We have nearly five hours of entertainment-based content in our library. Click on the links below to see the themes we have used. Come up with your own title! You can edit and adapt the sequences to fit whatever soundtrack you create.

Led Zeppelin
Classic Rock
Modern Rock
Techno-Dance-Club Music
Let It Snow

You can acquire each of these as a visual library or purchase content by the minute. For information on how to get clips content, go to the CLIPS PRICING PAGE. Another popular option is to choose up to 45 minutes worth of content from any of these libraries to create one "show license."

We even have a tutorial on how you can clip sequences together yourself HERE.

For more information or to request preview DVDs, please contact

Mike Murray, Programs Manager, 385-468-1237