Traditional Navigation
Adventure Along The Spectrum
Cosmic Catastrophes
Dawn of Astronomy
Endless Horizons
Islands in the Sky
Secret of the Cardboard Rocket
Skywatchers of Ancient Mexico
Springtime of the Universe
The People
The Universe of Dr. Einstein


The Dawn of Astronomy looks at humankind's earliest astronomical discoveries, featuring the pyramids,
the temple of Egypt and Stonehenge in England. Early man is presented as intelligent and resourceful,
fully capable of building astronimical monuments to trace diurnal and circumpolar motion, to measure
the length of the year, to develp the concept of the Zodiac, and probably even to predict ecplipses-
observations beyond the capabilities of the most modern people.

Soundtracks are available on compact disk for all of the above shows at a cost of $50.00 per disk.
The soundtracks for older shows have been re-mastered to the best of our abilities.

*All-Sky and panorama images are in digital format on CD-R or DVD. The Clark Planetarium no longer processes slide film.
An excellent source for printing slides from digital images is Gamma Tech.

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