Just over a decade ago there were no known planets orbiting sunlike stars outside our own solar system.

Since 1995, however, fast-paced developments in detection techniques have revealed hundreds of extrasolar planets--with the pace of discovery increasing all the time. Though it will be years before we have direct images of the surfaces of these worlds, this show gives us an idea of what they might look like - up close and personal!

In this original production we'll explore the idea of what "Earth-like" even means, and take an immersive journey to several worlds that may stretch the imagination, but aren't science fiction anymore.

You can preview the entire show on Vimeo HERE. (Use the password "kepler" to access it.)

UPDATED in 2009! With the launch of the Kepler spacecraft and
photographs of extrasolar planets, this show was given a facelift.
The show was remastered to 3200 resolution in 2012.

Narrated by Rene Auberjonois. Script by Ray Villard, News Director at the
Space Telescope Science Institute and author of the popular book "Infinite Worlds"

Sound effects and 5.1 surround sound mix preformed by Skywalker Sound
Show length:   32 minutes with over 50 scene changes. 23-minute version also available.
Revised to account for Kepler mission and photographed extrasolar planets.
Show Kit Includes: Full dome animation, 5.1 surround soundtrack,
show script with visual notes, and media kit.