4 - 6 week delivery

Please complete the following steps below.

Step 1:
Download the Purchase Agreement. The pricing options are the same for any of our shows. The pricing schedule is in the Purchase Agreement (scroll down to "Attachment A"). However, if you'd like to view that separately, click on Pricing Options.

Step 2:
To complete the contract, fill in the respective blank spaces with the following information:

  • Name Your Facility (Exhibitor)
  • Name of the Show to be Purchased (Program)
  • Length of the Show to be Purchased (Minutes)
    • Some shows have short and long versions
  • Dates for the Contract (Start Date and End Date or Perpetuity)
    • "Start Date" is the date that the Exhibitor will begin showing the program in their facility. Even if it is a perpetual contract, we need to know the start date for the show.
    • "End Date" must have a specific date stipulating when the show will no longer play at that facility. Perpetuity may be written here if the show is to be purchase on a perpetual license, so it may be played at any time by the Exhibitor. A one year license does not have to run continuously - it can be broken up into smaller running periods as long as the total time in the schedule does not exceed one calendar year.
  • Fee to be Billed
    • This is calculated based on the total annual attendance of the Exhibitor's facility.
    • Pricing Criteria is located on "Attachment A" in the Purchase Agreement.
  • Date of Signature
  • Signature of the Exhibitor's Representative

** For multiple shows, a separate license agreement must be completed for each show.

Step 3:
In order to serve you better, please complete Attachment B, the System Worksheet (also located in the Purchase Agreement). Any information that can be provided about your specific system will assist with the encoding process.

Step 4:
The contract must be sent to Ron Proctor in order to complete the licensing process. The contract may be sent any of the following ways:

  • Mail to:

    • Ron Proctor
      Clark Planetarium
      110 South 400 West
      Salt Lake City, UT 84101
      Email: rproctor@slco.org
      +1 385 468 1237

  • E-Mail: Convert to PDF and send An Email

The Purchase Agreement must be completed fully and signed by both parties before the order can be processed.

Once the Licensing is complete, it may take 4 to 6 weeks to fill an order so please plan accordingly.