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Full Dome Production

Clark Planetarium Productions
Who Are We?

After 37 years of making world renowned shows as the Hansen Planetarium, the new Clark Planetarium
opened its doors in 2003 with the world's first Digistar 3 fulldome digital theater system.
We now run Digistar 5 with 190 seats under a 16.8-meter dome with a 12 degree tilt.
We create a wide variety of programming from full-length recorded feature shows
to live school presentations to family programs to music performance art.

Rendering Power

More importantly, the planetarium decided to renew its commitment to supporting an in-house production team for the purpose of creating high quality shows. A staff of ten uniquely talented producers, educators and engineers combined with a modern 500-thread rendering farm gives us the capability to create some of the best fulldome digital content available.

Our shows have run in over 300 planetariums in 44 countries.

Flat screen versions of our fulldome videos have run in dozens of other facilities, from museums to NASA visitor centers.

We're always looking for new ideas and feedback to make our products better! If you have any requests or suggestions, please feel free to contact us directly.

What's Unique About Our Shows?

Over 30% of our local visitors return to see our programs again!
Other planetariums have reported similar experiences with Clark shows.

Our productions carry with them a lot of movement, scene changes, and popular science, but we work carefully to inform in an engaging way. We play to the strengths of the immersive medium with special attention to story, detailed visual environments, and sound design. We do our best to introduce concepts to our audiences in an entertaining way so they may feel inspired to explore more about nature and science on their own. It is our goal to be a catalyst for learning and exploration in a more personal, experiential way as opposed to simply "watching a movie."