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Written and narrated by renowned astronomer and author Timothy Ferris,
"Galaxies" is a journey through the Milky Way and the universe beyond.
This show demonstrates the overall structure of our universe on the grandest of all scales.
Incorporating spectacular photography from observatories around the world, "Galaxies" looks at the interactions between galaxies, the varied structure of galaxies, galaxies with
very active star forming regions, and much more.

Also investigated are super-massive black holes, the birth and death of stars,
and the age of the universe. The program also includes a look at the stars and constellations
visible in the summer sky, including a glimpse of the stars as seen from Earth's southern hemisphere.

*All-Sky and panorama images are in digital format on CD-R or DVD. The Clark Planetarium no longer processes slide film.
An excellent source for printing slides from digital images is Gamma Tech.

Download Pdf of program script