Traditional Navigation
Adventure Along The Spectrum
Cosmic Catastrophes
Dawn of Astronomy
Endless Horizons
Islands in the Sky
Secret of the Cardboard Rocket
Skywatchers of Ancient Mexico
Springtime of the Universe
The People
The Universe of Dr. Einstein

Islands In The Sky

Early oceanic navigators in the Pacific traveled thousands of miles in tiny canoes, from island
to island, to inhabit new lands and spread the unique island cultures that compose Melanesia,
Polynesia, and Micronesia today. This incredible migration resulted from detailed knowledge of the
Sun, winds, waves, animal life, and the simple, practical use of the stars as a compass to
guide early travelers. Planetarium audiences will enjoy "Islands in the Sky" with its colorful
and informative presentation that takes them to the enchanting Pacific Islands.

Soundtracks are available on compact disk for all of the above shows at a cost of $50.00 per disk.
The soundtracks for older shows have been re-mastered to the best of our abilities.

*All-Sky and panorama images are in digital format on CD-R or DVD. The Clark Planetarium no longer processes slide film.
An excellent source for printing slides from digital images is Gamma Tech.

Download Pdf of program script


Download Pdf of program script