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I want dome masters as targa files. Can you supply those?

Our older shows use the lowest compression jpeg files as dome masters
because they took up less room and looked the same as 'lossless masters'
when encoded as mpeg2. We now use .png or .exr as master frames because
we can encode mp4 video which preserves finer detail and color.
We will supply you with jpegs or pngs, and if your encoder requires
targas then all you have to do is set up a batch process to convert
them to targas with software like Adobe After Effects or Photoshop.

Do you send the data ready to play on any system?

We can send material ready to play for E&S Digistar, Konica-Minolta MediaGlobe,
Spitz Scidome, Eluminati, and ePlanetarium. For others we can send dome masters
for you (or your manufacturer) to slice and encode yourselves.
Audio can be sent in virtually any format and as 5.1 surround sound or stereo.

My system has changed and I need a show re-encoded.
How can I get that done?

If your system or projectors have changed and you need the show re-encoded, and
if we have the software to do it, we can re-encode and ship it for $400. Otherwise,
you'll need to coordinate with your system manufacturer.

Can I preview a show before deciding to buy it?

We have our shows rendered in low resolution for dvd for your review.
1k dome view videos are available on Vimeo (check each show page for the link).
We can even send a trailer for your dome if you would like
to preview that in a full-dome environment. The trailers for our
shows can also be viewed in the full-dome section of this web site.

How can I get the show data?

If you have a system small enough to hold the data on a jump drive then
we'll ship you that. For larger systems that require more data we'll send a hard drive.
Either drive can be kept for backup purposes. We do not need the drive returned.

Who pays for shipping?

We typically send material USPS or 3-day Fed Ex.
If you need the drive sent Fed Ex Priority then we'll need
the customer's Fed Ex account number.
If we made an error on our end that involves a delay and you need the show
in time for a public opening, then we will pay the Fed Ex charges.