Led Zeppelin
The Classic Comes to Fulldome!

Even after 35 years of laser shows, "Led Zeppelin" remains one of the most popular music shows ever performed in planetariums, neck and neck with "Pink Floyd." Now see what Clark Planetarium Productions has done with it for the fulldome arena! This show delves further into the surrealistic environments than any other music entertainment show, transporting visitors into dozens of mood provoking settings. The motions are more calculated to heighten the transportive feeling, drawing audiences deeper into the scenes. This image library can be fit to Led Zeppelin's classics such as "Kashmir," "Black Dog," "Over the Hills and Far Away," "Stairway to Heaven," and "Rock and Roll."

The library of digital dome animation is now available. Music and performance licenses (ASCAP for Led Zeppelin) are the responsibility of the performing institution. For more information about music and performance rights, check out our Music Rights FAQ.

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